Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today I turned twenty six.

Among other things, my Mom and Dad accompanied me on a pre-lunch walk around my favorite wooded area, Reed Turner Woodlands (yes, the very same from this wintery post).  It was such a warm and glorious day and as always, this place left me nostalgic about my childhood and the "nature heritage" my family has instilled in me from a young age.  I cannot describe the wistful way I feel when drinking in and walking among wild and natural beauty such as this.  I almost feel a part of it.

Twenty six feels less exciting than twenty five did for me, but in some ways I'm more blessed now than I was then.  I have closer friendships now, more knowledge and ideas in my head (and more insatiable curiosity with them).  I know the coming year will grow and bless me in new ways--  I'll become a first time Aunt (in just a matter of weeks!), I will continue to learn leatherwork and shoe making, among other things.  I'll keep on finding treasures of old and growing into the woman God creatively designed me me to be.  Blessed indeed!


{dress} - vintage 1940's, birthday gift from Mom
{tank} - Forever XI (for serious)
{necklace} - a fishing lure I found
{belt} - J. Crew
{sandals} - Sam Edleman via Nordstrom
{ring} - vintage 70's, inherited


  1. happy birthday, lady. you always look so wonderful. that blue is a great color for you and the woods look so serene. glad you enjoyed your day. sometimes all we need to do to make a day special is take a little walk.

    1. Thanks Abigail, walks do have that way about them. :)


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