Hi, I'm Erin.

Stories are what delight and inspire me.
I live for Jesus, I create in many forms and see value in old and living things.

I am an artist and a historian at heart, though I've not fully accomplished either yet.  I grew up surrounded by books, old film, art and open land, all things I still greatly value.  Sincerity is my greatest desire, even if to a fault.  I like sugar snap peas, have a fascination with armor and feel called to black sheep, because I suppose I am one.  Conflict is not hard for me, but small talk is.

I write here because I'm passionate about redemption, and I want to record the beauty I've found in painful, simple and unexpected places.  I value personal expression and ethical style, and also use this space as a portfolio for my own.

The name "of Dust and Wonder" comes from a couple of places.  Biblically, from the image of humanity being created from dust, and that we'll return to dust-- that we are nothing, but that God loved us anyway and chooses to use us to do awesome things-- and that, of course, is the wonder. :)  Second, though, is the related concept of redemption.  It's something that I've seen again and again in my life, and the lives of others: ugly, painful things that, when surrendered, bloom into unexpected beauty.  Last but not least, my time spent growing up among nature (and also dealing in vintage clothing) has made me realize that the most wonderful things are usually covered in dust, or mud. :) Jars of Clay, if you will.

Questions or thoughts? ---------> ofDustandWonder@gmail.com

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