Sunday, December 29, 2013


These snaps are from some woodland tromping my Mom and I did together yesterday.  It's a nostalgic place for both of us, a Nature Preserve right down the road from my childhood home that my Mom volunteered regularly at while I was growing up.  She has something of a remarkable green thumb, and a large part of my childhood was spent out among nature-- something I'm very grateful for and could never live without to this day.

Reed Turner Nature Preserve is sort of a labyrinth of raised wooden paths through a wetland forest area, I remember running down the walkways as a kid, helping to weed out garlic mustard and learning the different kinds of trees (shagbark hickory is my favorite!).  They have on sight buildings for educational purposes, rooms with all kinds of specimens (insects, turtle shells, found animal bones, etc.) and books upon books about nature.  My Mom and I both admitted how wonderful it was to go back yesterday.  We both regularly frequent the Forest Preserves in our area, but this specific place is a gem to us-- one I hope to always come back to from time to time.

{dress} - vintage 70's, inherited/Mother's
{cardigan} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{leather jacket} - Michael Kors, gift from Dad
{tights} - ModCloth
{gloves} - vintage 40's, thrifted
{suede oxfords} - Julianne Hough, gift

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