Friday, December 27, 2013


I received this wonderful vintage 50's automobile print skirt as a Christmas gift (I'll admit, it's one I specifically asked for) and I'm so thrilled with it!  Not only is the print wonderful and the color versatile, but it's actually very warm in the cold weather.

It's quite strange that Christmas is over, and 2014 is quickly approaching but I'm actually pretty excited about it!  If I've learned anything in the past couple of years, it's that life only becomes more interesting as time goes.  I don't generally put much stock in New Year's resolutions but I actually think I might lay some down this year, out of anticipation for what lies ahead.  Goodness, there is so much already!  I'm starting the shoemaking apprenticeship in January, going to be an Aunt in June, and hoping to be certified to teach and facilitate the Enneagram by this time next year.  Truly, what excites me even more than those things are the details God has yet to reveal!  Years ago I never would have felt that way about the unknown, it's funny how things change. :)

{sweater} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{leather jacket} - gift, Michael Kors
{skirt} - vintage 50's, gift via Kitty Girl Vintage
{tights} - ModCloth
{boots} - Fiorentini & Baker
{necklace} - Mata Traders

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