Monday, December 23, 2013

Lately: A Lot Like Christmas

Fall weather has long since faded into white covered trees and icy porch steps (do not trifle with those). I am definitely a snow lover, standing by the window or letting it fall into my hair as it comes down. I've never been squeamish about driving in it either, which people seem to find strange. Don't mistake me, I am thoroughly a warm weather child but my deep love of nature has always been transcendent of temperature.

Lately, I have been continuing to paint, pray, read, learn and struggle. I'll be starting an apprenticeship in January with a local shoemaker that I'm quite excited about, as I continue to discover what it is that God has designed my heart, mind and hands to do in this season of life.

And of course, I am still finding, wearing and selling lovely vintage garments on the side. :)


  1. An apprenticeship with a shoemaker sounds absolutely magical! I hope you keep us updated on that. Merry Christmas!! =]

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I've dabbled in the craft but the apprenticeship quite literally fell into my lap-- I'll absolutely keep updating about it! Merry Christmas to you as well! :)


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