Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Yesterday was my twenty-fifth birthday, and I can truly say that I'm stoked for this year of life ahead of me!  Is that strange that I tend to mark a "new year" by my birthday, rather than by January 1st?

My current season of life has been one of many new experiences and challenges, and this birthday was no exception.  I feel a little embarrased admitting this, but this was actually the first birthday I've ever had to work a full day on!  Suprisingly, it wasn't that bad and my day included many random, happy moments.  Amazing what God can do with our lives if we decide to forgo negativity and be open, isn't it?

I tend to dress for my mood (as frivilous or weird as that may sound) so open and joyful were definitely the muse for what I wore for my birthday (both to work and later to dinner)!  I can't tell you what my younger self would think of that! She was a much more cynical and bitter individual that I am today, and I'm so thankful my heart has changed-- healed really.  Here's to a bright 25th year ahead!

To work:

And later to dinner with friends and family:


  1. Happy 25th Birthday! I agree with you on feeling like your birthday signifies a new beginning over January 1st. This outfit is STUNNING. I found your lovely blog through the Style Gallery, and I'm so glad I did. Your sense of style is divine!

    xox Sammi


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