Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer and Growth

Oh summer, how enchanted you have me.  There's actually a quote I'd like to share that describes that feeling, but first I must do some explaining.

My entire life, I've struggled w/ the idea of copying and popularity.  For all of my existance (almost) I have avoided doing, saying or being anything that I felt was a duplication or repetition-- mostly because I wanted to be real, and those things felt filthy with fake.  As an adult though, I've realized one disturbing thing about this tendancy: sometimes I won't admit to liking something that I actually do, simply because it's popular or commerical.  That's such crap, and equally as fake as liking something just because it's popular!  So I've decided to start admiting to the things I like, that also happen to be popular.  Argh, I'm working on it anyway.

So, how does this relate to the aforementioned summery quote?  I actually wrestled with myself and almost didn't post it because it's from a (wonderful, but) disgustingly popular book-turned-recent-movie.  Also, a blog I very much admire used the same quote in a blog post almost a year ago.  That's copying and bandwagon-jumping!  For the first time though, I'm forcing myself to see it for what it really is: the "highest form of flattery" (thanks Mom) and the simple expression of liking something.  Even if other people like it too.  Really, I'm okay with it...or at least a little more than I used to be. Haha.

Yes, so good.

I can't say why I love this so much, probably the wistful tone and feeling it exudes.  I'm just so glad summer if finally here, and (like the quote) I do feel like this summer is one for new beginnings.  I have no idea what that looks like, though I suppose that's the beauty of it.

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