Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shop Update - 6.15.13

I've been a bit under the weather the past couple of days and though being sick is never fun, it's actually allowed me to get some "at home" things checked off my To-Do list.  One of these things was to list new stock in the shop, and (thankfully) I photographed three items before I got sick.  There's still plenty more to photograph and list, but here are the few from this week:

Latte 50's Cashmere Beaded Cardigan

Ballet Pink 50's Cashmere Beaded Cardigan

The sweaters are both so beautiful, cashmere has become one of my favorite things to find as a dealer.  Just seeing the variety of colors and styles these sweaters were made in is a delight.  Both of these came to me by way of  a couple keen eyed friends, I was so excited when they first mentioned them!  They are both in lovely condition, the latte one is fully lined and the pink was made in Scotland by Ballantyne for Marshall Field & Co.

Baby Blue 50's Formal Gown

I've had this evening gown for awhile, just waiting to be photographed and listed.  At first glance it's a pretty normal 1950's Evening gown, but a closer look reveals it's charming, unique details: a boned corset-like bodice and delicately crochet flowers at the bust, each with a metal stud at the center.  The flowers are my favorite part because of the play between hard and soft.

I still have more vintage that needs photographed, and even some items I've decided to alter before selling!  I'll be sure to update here when I list them.  Now back to drinking tea and the To-Do list, cheers!

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