Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Goals

It's crazy to me that June will be over soon...!?  I always have such big hopes for summer and somehow it often slips away from me before I know it.  In order to get some of my Summer ideas/plans out of my brain and into reality, I've decided this year to make a Summer To-Do List.

Some of these are already in the works, while others I still need to figure out.  I'll try to check each off as the summer goes and write about each of them here. :)  Maybe this way Summer won't slip away from me so easily, though I suppose time does fly when you're having fun!


  1. I love those shorts with the red belt, and those little white flats are so cute! Seems like you have some really fun, summery goals! Mine are much more boring! I can't believe June is almost over, either. Insane.

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks Sammi, I doubt your goals are boring if they are things you enjoy! :)


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