Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Vintage Print Project

Lately I've been pretty excited about a project I've been working on, in which my loves for art and history collide in an epic way. Over my years as a vintage clothing dealer, I've come across so many adorable, crazy, interesting and funny textile prints-- peacocks, snowflakes+roosters+hearts (yes, together), houses, sailboats, blue oxen... So, so many. Novelty has been in for quite a long time, really, and some of the best examples I've comes across are truly one of a kind (I've not seen their like since).  

I quite like one of a kind, if I'm honest.  

If I'm even more honest, that's because it means only I have it. Pretty silly, right? I'm not sure I realized how silly, and potentially selfish that thought was, until I realized how many gorgeous, uniquely printed $200+ vintage dresses there are on Etsy that I will never ever own (being a dealer, I'm kind of cheap). That's when I realized that I really wanted to bring the adorable, curious prints that I have access to, back into circulation somehow, and make them more readily available.  

Enter Society6, Spoonflower and my doodle happy self. I began re-illustrating (for lack of a better term?) a couple of prints from my own vintage wardrobe, and am so excited to continue. My first offering, Automobiles is now available on Society6 (in several color ways) and will soon also be on Spoonflower. How cool is that!? Those who know me, will recognize this print from one of my favorite skirts-- a quilted, 1940's number covered in these dapper little cars. :)

While the vintage garment itself remains truly one of a kind (in aesthetics, and in the story it's lived), I'm so glad to be able to share these unique prints. Even more than sharing just the print, it's like sharing with others the wonder I feel when I discover unique vintage garments. Now anyone who wants to (without dropping $200+ on a dress) can add some vintage print to their life with an iPhone case, tote bag, mug, or a million other things. Heck, you could even order the fabric on Spoonflower and make a skirt!

So much more to come!  If you are a vintage print lover, and have photos of print you might like to contribute to this project, let me know! :)

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