Saturday, February 27, 2016

Circus Girl

I do feel like a circus girl, at times.

What I once saw as being an outcast, though, I now see as being something of an ambassador-- for a different perspective, for risk, peace, truth, and for the idea that we were truly designed on purpose, to live a life of love and intent.

I know ^ that's a lot, but I believe it quite to my bones.  "Changed to bring change" is one way I've heard it put, but different to make a difference rings a bit more true for me-- something I keep reminding myself, especially when I have days that make me feel like no human understands me.  But I suppose we all have those. ;)

This week, I've been doing quite a bit of work on finally compiling a portfolio for my artwork, and photographing some very sweet Spring stock for the shop!  

Oh, I've also returned to brunettehood, and boy does it feel nice. :)

{suede dress} - vintage 40's, theory is that it's an ice skating costume!
{cardigan} - thrifted
{tights} - ModCloth
{flats} - BC Footwear
{necklace} - vintage 40's, inherited
{leather jacket} - Michael Kors, gift
{scarf} - gift from my brother's deployment in Iraq

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