Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lately {March '16}

Lately I have been wrestling with myself. My purpose (or lack there of) and the many, many suffocating ideas in my head, all of the time. Will that ever resolve? Sometimes I don't know, it's been a theme in my life for as long as I can recall. From music + dance, to vintage style and teaching the Enneagram, there's just never enough bandwidth in my mind, it seems, to make steps forward-- it all just buries me. And believe it or not, those passion areas are the narrowed down (from about ten in total), prioritized three!

Aside from my introspective sparring, there has been some beautiful snow of late. ❄️

I got to return to one of my favorite buildings on Saturday afternoon, to see a musical that some friends were in. It's a Victorian (1889) opera house with the most beautiful decorative details, and rich history. I truly would love to own such a place one day, to run, to host events at, and to share with others.

I've been reading again, but gradually, as the pastime can be dangerously addictive for me.

Though it's ebbed and flowed, I'm still doing my vintage clothing thing, and finding new ways to share that with others.

I've realized of late, how fortunate I am to have so many lovely, interesting and good hearted people in my life-- those I pour my heart out to regularly, those I might see once a week, and those who's kindness, passion or kindred spirit bring them back to my mind from time to time. It's so easy to feel alone in our culture, in terms of deep understanding, but I'm reminded today of how truly blessed I am in that category. Friends near and far, new and old, close now or a season or two ago.  I'm still learning from and reflecting on each of those hearts, minds and the experiences I've shared with them. It's truly a wonder that I often forget or take for granted-- really, chances are that I'll be reading this post some rainy day, and be reminded anew.

I suppose that is the point. 😊

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  1. This really hit home. I feel like on the lack of purpose, but still being thankful for those friends and family around us.

    Sending happy thoughts and well wishes your way!



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