Saturday, December 5, 2015


My recent light locks presented the opportunity (one I'm sure I'll never have again) to relate to my heritage-- my Grandmother Jean was a redhead, and I've always wondered if my genes would support ginger locks. It's only temporary, a stop on my road back from blonde, but it's been a fun moment that I realized I must post down for the record. :)

I definitely feel more myself as a redhead than I did blonde, but more each day I'm longing to return to brunettehood. Change is something I've long been fond of, but not merely for the sake of itself.

Winter has been bright so far-- sunny, I mean. Bright, mild and feeling more like Spring than anything else.  Creatively, I am active, but struggling to maintain focus.  God is doing some interesting things with my social justice interests, and so I'm following (really, I'm sturggling to not push past him and rush ahead-- waiting is hard).

Until later, when my brain in more focused (when is that?).

{dress} - Vintage 70's, inherited
{sweater} - thrifted
{tights} - ModCloth
{gloves} - vintage 40's, thrifted
{shoes} - Bed Stu
{necklace} - handmade, gift

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