Saturday, June 20, 2015

Road Trip, Part I: Lake Norman

My Mom and I left Tuesday evening to drive to North Carolina, the first of a two part family trip. It's the first true "family vacation" that I've experienced since I was 7, certainly full of potential for both joy and angst-- haha, we shall see.

Part two begins today in Charleston, SC, where my Dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew will soon join us. Before you ask, there truly is a more somber note in my heart arriving here, after the horrible events that occurred here earlier in the week. My thoughts and prayers are so with the families of those killed in the shooting, as well as with this community who must have a great deal of healing to do.

Since reading about it (and knowing I would be here so soon after), I've begun praying that God would use me here if he sees fit-- perhaps to offer prayer, or a listening ear to someone who might need it? Not that those things aren't equally needed every day. 

Having just arrived here though, I'd like to take a step backwards and recap these last several days in pictures. Lovely, well-spent days they were, with sunshine,  quality time with Mom, new places to explore, time to rest and even a faithful dog companion. :)

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