Friday, June 12, 2015

Complexity + Understanding

What is it about mixing hard and soft that just never, ever gets old for me? Not just in aesthetics (shooting polo + floral dress), but I've even noticed my favorite people, stories and music are that way.  Most things that come out of my brain through my hands or mouth fall into that category as well. Complexity is so beautiful.

So why then, does it seem that humans tend to make sweeping generalizations about each other? Assuming human beings can be summed up by what we see, put in one box or another-- though I've surely done it myself, isn't it silly? Why can't we remember that every person is complex, as is their hurt, joy and experiential record.

There's nothing like being on the receiving end of such, to make me examine myself. When am I guilty of that? When have I made someone feel summed up in a single negative statement? Or by silent negation? When have I arrived at a (likely misinformed) conclusion based only on observation and void of context?

Sometimes I think the best thing we can do when someone rubs us the wrong way, is to remember their complexity, and to seek to know them-- or at the very least, remind ourselves that we do not know their hearts or thoughts.

Here's to understanding.

{shooting polo} Ralph Lauren
{dress} vintage 50's, via Sunday Girl Finds
{sandals} Seychelles

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