Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall, Fur and Feathers.

A couple of months ago, I got an email about a Chicago version of the Fur and Feathers Luncheon-- which I actually was aware of (pat on the back).  The original event takes place in Portland each year and is a lunch gathering of vintage enthusiasts, dressing in (yes) fur, feathers and vintage attire in general.

I was intrigued and decided to plan on attending, which is exactly what I did on Saturday! Though I do wear at least one vintage piece most days, I seldom dress in head to toe vintage (and all decade specific), so this was a fun excuse to do so-- minus my shoes and tights, that is!  I'm pretty used to feeling like a spectacle in public, but riding the train to the city like this was slightly more than usual!  It was a rainy day, so I even had one of my vintage umbrellas along (I'm sad now that I didn't include it in the pictures)!

The turnout for the Luncheon was kind of sad, but I'm still glad I went-- Six ladies RSVPed, and though only three of us showed.  I was thankful for these two though, I was the first there and wondered for a bit if I'd be all alone!

I honestly don't have very many friends who are vintage kindred spirits, and I personally know so little about the vintage scene in the city (I'm much more of a wide open spaces kind of girl) so it was fun talking some shop, finding about events and such in Chicago.  Caroline (on the left) shared some of her favorite vintage locales with us, and Christina (on the right in her Grandmother's beautiful fur coat!) and I talked about maybe checking out some shops, events and such in the city together soon!  I live close enough, and commute downtown twice a week for work, so I suppose it is about time. :)

All in all, I think the Chicago Fur and Feathers Luncheon is on its way! With perhaps a little more planning in advance, and getting the word out there, 2015 is bound to be a wonderful success!  Thanks to my vintage friends in the northwest who inspired the notion, Caroline for her boldness to put it on, and Christina for showing up with me! :)

{dress} - vintage 40's, thrifted
{cashmere sweater} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{shoes} - Chelsea Crew
{watch} - vintage 30's, inherited


  1. oh that looks like so much fun. you look absolutely wonderful, those colors are good for you. and i just love the first picture by the porch with the fall colors.

    1. Thanks Abigail! It was fun and I would definitely go if they have it again next year. :) Totally agreed about the fall colors, and wish I could have found a spot to better incorporate them for the rest of the pictures!

  2. I feel so flattered that you all were inspired to have your very own Fur and Feathers! It is so wonderful seeing the passion for vintage across the web! And seeing how people miles apart are inspired and connect!

    And just a tiny little thing - the luncheon actually happens in Portland, Oregon, Solanah just lives in Vancouver, Washington, which is just across the river from Portland. :)


    1. Hi Janey, thanks for your comment! I didn't plan the Luncheon (Caroline, aka Natalie, in navy in the group shots did) but I too thought it was a great thought to create a Chicago branch a such a fun event! Thanks also for the Portland correction, I'll amend that! :)


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