Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fashion Truth

A long time favorite online boutique of mine is running a social media campaign that I actually find interesting-- it's centered around the concept of #Fasiontruth and asks followers to post what their's is. I can get behind something like that, in a culture where fashion is often used as a tool to "keep up with the Joneses", build a sense of worth or get attention. Can I just say that I find those to be fashion lies? I often use the term "personal style" in place of "fashion" because I believe it better defines what a healthy sense of fashion should be-- a style of one's own, purely for self expression and because we get to choose what we wear.

My fashion truth, I suppose, is that a wardrobe should not be a facade, or a hiding place, but a canvas for the heart.

And I seriously wish I had a specific reason for wearing this "Gossip Kills" tee, but it's just true and awesome. :)

{Tee} - brand? (Karma Loop)
{Skirt} - Bettie Page (ModCloth)
{Oxfords} - Call It Spring
{Necklace} - gift from Dad
{Ring} - vintage 70's, inherited
{Watch} - vintage 30's, inherited


  1. Awesome shots :) I think should share your photos on, too :)

  2. Love your umbrella skirt!! I agree with your fashion truth. I love getting dressed every morning thinking of representing myself! And I can totally see your unique view on fashion through your wardrobe choices!

    1. Hi again, thanks! It's funny, I'm not sure if I ever expect others to "get" or note what I'm wearing as symbolic or meaningful expression-- I do it more for my own purposes I guess, but I'm glad you can see it! :)


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