Thursday, September 25, 2014


Tonight I had this realization that's been building all week (month, year, decade, life?), while looking at this sky. On the shoulder, red blinkers on, pup in the passenger seat, standing by the guard rail in the almost-dark, I realized that to waste any good thing is unspeakable. Any still moment, any blazing sky, new hand to shake (and heart to see), or any talent created intentionally inside of us-- to waste, bury, rush past or avoid these precious things is a crying shame. I have done it too many times, and I will (surely) do it again, but tonight I pray fervently that it will be fewer and further between with each day I breathe.

No more "someday"s friends (whoever you are). Now is all we have.

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  1. Oh i do need to hear this. Im a master procrastonator and i can put something off to do another frivolous thing without batting an eye. Wonderful sky shot. Beautiful discription, especailly that you had a pup by your side.


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