Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lately 11-14

Lately I have almost lost track of time. I've visited familiar mountains, aspen trees, elk (and mule deer that were not elk).

Though I've spaced a bit, change has continued to flow around and through me-- namely autumn.

I've spent quite a bit of time, and shared laughter and tears with this bright eyed fellow. I love him quite thoroughly!

I've been imagining and painting, but still do the former much more than the latter.

I am still not done with my oxfords (only going once a week slows things down), but hope to be soon. I think I've dreamed about putting them on my feet for the first time!

^Don't worry, the lilac is the lining. ;)

I have been unfocused lately, but inspired, and on my way to finding the order I know I need. I think deciding how and where to use our gifts (even just for now) is one of the hardest decisions we humans face. I'm hoping to end that seasonal struggle soon, or at least take steps forward.

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