Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wolf Creek Trading Co.

And then I got Bronchitis. :( I finally went to the doctor yesterday and started antibiotics, so hopefully I'm on the mend.  My fever the past few days insured my accomplishment of pretty much nothing, so without further ado: the second Ohio post I promised!

After settling in at the B+B, my Mom and I decided to explore the area a bit-- one of the things I love about my Mother, she tends to always be up for adventure. :)  After driving for no more than a couple minutes, we spotted this place:

And what vintage lover could resist that, right? None.  So we tentatively pulled into the gravel lot and got out to investigate.  The proprietor was on sight and welcomed us to take a look in both the barn full of vintage furniture and housewears, and in another building full of local art and handmade items.  We had arrived at Wolf Creek Trading Co. and began to look around.

As you probably know if you've been reading my blog, neither I or my family of origin are strangers to history and old things-- it's kind of in our blood.  As mine is clothing, one of my Mom's specialties is home furnishings, so we both spent a good amount of time in here. We, unlike many vintage enthusiasts, are actually good at not over buying though, and each walked away with only one small thing-- a stack of small bowls for my Mom and a hat for me!  My favorite feature of this barn (besides everything) is the beautiful stained glass that was put in the front windows.

I didn't take many pictures in the handmade building because it felt rude to photograph people's artwork-- I know, I'm weird and over-think everything.  Everything was beautiful, jewelry, candles and soaps, textiles and fine art were all present.  I did take this one picture because I was so taken with her work and wanted to remember her name (Lisa Merrick)!  Her pressed botanicals and butterflies remind me of a childhood favorite book of mine, A Girl of The Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter.

All-in-all, such a surprising and wonderful weekend!  Boy am I glad I didn't come down with bronchitis until afterwards! :)  If you are ever in the Akron, OH area, Canton is such a sweet spot to check out.

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