Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Whimsical Pig

This past weekend, I went on a family jaunt to a little town outside of Akron, Ohio to visit my sister-in-law's family-- this is the first of two posts I'll do on the subject.  Little did I know when we left Saturday morning, what natural beauty and unique charm the weekend would hold.  I got my first hint a few minutes from the B+B we would be staying at, when we drove through this.

I'm such a sucker for tree-lined roads, but especially ones like this that feel like tree tunnels.  Just around the corner, we arrived at our home-base for the weekend: The Whimsical Pig Bed and Breakfast, aka the sweetest, most awesome lodging ever.  At least for yours truly, that is.

I wish I'd taken better pictures of the full exterior of this restored vintage farmhouse.  The gardens were so beautiful, complete with lounge chairs next to a rocky stream and koi pond.  Three sweet farm cats lazily strolled the paths and prowled through the flowers. My favorite of them was a big tom cat named Thunder who is what I like to call, a John Wayne style cat-- stoic but a sweetheart at the core.

Inside the house were even more surprises, beautifully restored with glistening wood floors and full of vintage details and decor.  I'm pretty sure I did a double take, and definitely wondered what the odds were of finding such a place in the area we were visiting-- not to mention later finding out that this had been a last minute selection on the part of my SIL's family, who had no concept of the affinity for history that my family and I have!  It felt like such a wink from God, and indeed it was.  I was so busy taking everything in that I didn't take pictures of everything that I wish I had, but here are some glimpses. Not to mention, the spectacular breakfasts: the oatmeal cremebrule and baked honey grapefruit were my favorites!

One thing I so wish I'd gotten a picture of more than anything else is the awesome couple who own The Whimsical Pig! Sue and Ron were the most welcoming and genuine hosts who not only made our stay wonderful with their attention to detail, but were such a blessing to talk with and get to know.

I may be back at the Whimsical Pig before too long. :)


  1. Oh what a wonderful place. Tree lined roads are incredibly special to me... My part of Kansas doesnt really have any. But i enjoyed looking at all the pretty things. Id love to go there sometime.

  2. Wow, it looks beautiful! I love places like this. We have a couple of Victorian bed and breakfasts in our town that I am longing to try out. I love your yellow dress too! The collar detail is absolutely gorgeous!
    I must say too, that gray kitty looks exactly like my kitty. Same face he always makes too-hehe. So cute!


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