Friday, June 13, 2014

Unrest + Umbrellas

Sometimes I dress for my mood, or symbolically-- today, I kind of did the opposite.  Bright colors to combat inner gloom and unrest.  I actually just started a study with some friends called Restless-- I'm only a chapter in, but I think it will be good for me.  Because I am.  Life seems stale of late, which I know is just a false perception based on my circumstances.  In reality, my life truly is full.  It's newly summer, my nephew will be coming into the world soon, and I am alive.  Not just alive, but learning and feeling-- even if those things cause me pain at times.

Summer will bring iced tea, swimming, walks through tall grasses and clematis to climb my porch.  That last one I'm so excited about! There was one growing near the front door at the last place I lived, and I quite fell in love with the flower.  I'm looking forward to having one nearby again, something about those wildly beautiful purple blooms was like a whisper from my heavenly Father.

And with that, I will focus on the good.

{umbrella tank} - U.O.
{skirt} - vintage 70's, inherited
{cardigan} - J.Crew
{shoes} - Lollipop


  1. I just love the bright colors and fun print. Sometimes its good to firce a smile on our face and wear a bright dress.
    I totally understand what you mean. I feel restless and discontent and yet i have SOOO very much going well and to be thankful for.
    Good luck with your clemetis!

    1. Oh, how I wish putting a good face on things was my motive for this outfit! In truth, it's probably more like bitter irony in the face of my disgruntlement, or an expression of rebellion against it? I have found though that it is possible to be discontent and still know that God has and will always provide. I'm thankful He hears our hearts, dark or light. :)

  2. I can definitely understand where you're coming from- sometimes everything is great but you just feel like you need something *more*. I don't know if I should expect that to come in waves or get my butt into gear and make my life more exciting/special. But on a none-existential note, i LOVE your skirt. It's just so eye catching :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Thanks lady, it's my Mom's skirt (from the 70's). Yes, I experience that conundrum too-- action vs. patience. It's a tough one indeed.


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