Monday, June 30, 2014

Stripe + Bloom

So much life and change of late-- I have cried both out of joy, and out of anguish.  I am overflowing with thankfulness these days, for the provision God has given me in every moment, for the challenges laid before me and for the doors He closes.  I'm so lacking in grace at times, in poise or tact, but the God I love holds and helps me anyway.  I don't think that will ever cease to beautifully boggle my mind.  Me, He loves me.

Summer has warmed to its height in my neck of the woods, even the fireflies have emerged.  July is here tomorrow and I have even yet to don a swimsuit at all this summer-- this is a problem.  Still, I am now officially an Aunt (yes, Gunnar made his debut on the 23rd!), I have finished the photography and interview portion of my Enneagram project, and life is good. Full, messy, vibrant, hard and good.

I am trying hard to be more about action (which I suck at) and to allow the jumble of my ideas to come fully to fruition through my hands.  Beauty occurs when I do, it's just the doing that's hard.  I have paintings to finish, words to write and a bookcase to paint, among other things.

{striped tank} - T.J. Maxx
{lace tank} - Target
{skirt} - vintage 80's, via Manhattan Hippy
{necklace} - handmade by Seven Finches
{sandals} - Seychelles

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