Saturday, May 3, 2014

153 Fish

I'm so bursting with excitement today!  I've actually come down a bit by now, but the glow of being so provided for by my heavenly Father and seen in the tangible way that I was yesterday, does not fade quickly (nor should it)!  I've had such a weird and interesting season the past few months, lots of unexpected changes and lurches along the way-- some big (my nephew!) and some small (my loveseat).  

I've not written very much here about my business as a vintage clothing dealer, but the past year has been a struggle.  Since I'm in close proximity to Chicago, finding stock is a constant battle.  Locating it is one thing, but getting it in the company of other hungry dealers...complicated.  I've encountered peers along the way, some pleasant kindred-spirits and others self-serving, competitive jerks.  I myself absolutely have within me the ability to throw my proverbial weight around, to abuse my gifts of a quick tongue and a sharp mind to get what I want-- but I don't.  I learned a long time ago that I do not want to be that person-- though it often means humbling myself and not retaliating. In that I have had to trust that God will provide, when and what He so desires.  And friends, yesterday He did in a big way!

I decided in the middle of the week that I wanted to attend an estate sale this weekend, something I haven't done as much this year as in years past.  I had let my negative experiences discourage me-- experiences of foul play and political moves on the behalf of other dealers, right before my eyes.  This was both infuriating and disheartening, and I let it keep me away a lot this year.  But a few days ago I felt a surge to get back at it, I found an interesting sale and planned to go Friday morning.  Friday morning bright and early, my Father allowed me to be blindsided with emotional realization, with pain and anger at myself about areas in my life where I might not be putting Him first.  Not exactly the best state to enter a vintage war-zone in, but I responded and let my heart be broken before God.  

In the end, God designed the most unusual and beautiful circumstances for me to walk into at the sale yesterday.  My freshly raw heart expected the usual chaos, but found a sale full of vintage clothing, and void of other dealers.  What in the heck.  That's pretty much all I could incredulously think when I realized.  Not only more stock than I could hope to find in one place (I've only twice encountered the like), not only was I alone to actually take my time, but the woman who owned and wore the clothing was present at the sale!  Because most estate sales are company run I rarely have the opportunity to come face to face with the owners and story holders.  Dorothy was such a blessing to my heart, telling me which pieces she made, where she purchased or wore others and all sorts of tidbits about labels and days past.

It amazes me daily how well my God knows me, knows what will delight me to my toes and what I need in each and every moment.  It makes every struggle and trial so obviously necessary in hindsight, for where would my joy come from without them?

And what's more, He feels that way about all of us.  What a guy!

Sigh. Sorry for the novel, I just had to tell that story!

Needless to say, a large shop update will be coming soon!  I still have things that needed listing from before this sale, so I have my work cut out for me!

If you are curious about my title, it comes from John 21:1-14 which was the focus of She Reads Truth this morning.  Crazy, because it so fits with my day yesterday!

{dress} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{shirt} - J.Crew
{cardigan} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{tights} - ModCloth
{heels} - Seychelles
{necklace} - vintage, antique market


  1. Thank you so much for this, friend. God totally used this post to speak to me... thank you for listening to His call to both go to this sale and to write about it. It's more encouraging than could be understood.

    1. I'm glad my story spoke to your heart in some way, just knowing that (and you taking the time to mention it) is likewise encouragement to me! Thank you. :)


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