Friday, March 7, 2014

Shorter Hems, Longer Days

Today is a blessed 45 degrees and sunny and I'm thoroughly soaking it in!  I'd shout, "Spring is here!" but I know it's probably not quite true yet.  Still, today I shed my heavy coat for a jacket and boy did it feel good.  Melting snow, iced lattes, being able to see earth again, this time of year always makes me want to stretch my limbs and breathe deeply.  

I painted my toes light pink yesterday and walked around my apartment barefoot just to remember the feeling-- similar I suppose to my first donning of sweater tights in early fall.  Change is something that I always seem to immerse myself in and anticipate largely.  Come at me Spring!

One thing however that is blessedly not changing is my living situation!  Though I'll be losing a roommate (for the joyful reason of matrimony) and gaining a new one, I'll happily be remaining in the little green house I've come to call home these past few months.  I've already started some spring cleaning here and there, hanging new artwork, replacing our winter-destroyed welcome mat, and getting ready to bring in a vintage table I love for the kitchen.

Oh, how I have loved this properly snowy Winter but it's time for a thaw. :)

{t-shirt} - my 5th grade baseball jersey, really.
{sweater} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{skirt} - vintage 80's
{tights} - Tabbi Socks
{boots} - Steve Madden, via Nordstrom
{watch} - vintage 40's, Grandmother's
{necklace} - gift from Dad


  1. i feel the same way; ready for spring. I love bundling up but i can't wait to throw on a lightweight dress and just run outside without shoes and just breathe!

    1. Breathe is so the key word! I hope Spring will be here soon for both of us!


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