Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inner Child

Spring is inching closer, but I am, alas still in long sleeves and tights.  I know it'll pass, so I'm trying to embrace the cozy layering while I still need it.  Goodness knows I do, it snowed again last night.  50 degrees should be in effect by Friday though, yippee!

I've been surprised at myself for taking so long to do an outfit post with this dress, as it's one of my favorites.  I wear it year round, but the variety of rosy cheeked faces seem extra appropriate for Spring.  Which reminds me, I felt my nephew Gunnar kick for the first time on Saturday!  Spring '14 is going to bring with it life, joy and change, which yours truly is quite glad for.

{dress} - Rusty Cuts
{sweater dress} - worn beneath, Asos
{tights} - Target
{boots} - handmade by me


  1. Perfect ensemble! I actually thought it was a blouse and skirt until you mentioned it was a dress. I love how you layered it, and all the colors are wonderful!
    I also like your boots. I have some like that i wear often.
    Dreaming of spring, too!


    1. Thanks! That's so funny because a good number of people have thought the same in person (usually commenting on the "blouse" or "top"), but dress it is! :)


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