Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Drawing Board

I'm back at it.  The drawing board, I mean.

I quit my admin job last week,  it was a rock + a hard place situation so I've felt a lot of peace and freedom since.  God really used the time I spent working in an office though, to open my eyes to how much I really could do with my shop and creative skills.  Pre-office job I was a bit complacent when it came to entrepreneurship-- I'm not taking it for granted anymore. 

I resigned on the 8th, since then I've been hit with this weird shock at actually having time to work on things I love again.  It's an awesome thing, but figuring out how to work successfully alone again is a challenge.  Having worked by a set schedule with specific tasks for awhile, I'm feeling kind of lost.  Self motivation and focus are key when working independently-- both of which are hard for me, especially working from home where distractions abound.  The dog, that book I've been reading, that dress I was going to hem, there's just no structure when your work space is in your living space.

I really prayed against  that this morning and am feeling a bit better as the day goes.  Keeping in mind (literally) that my God is bigger than any situation, and He's given me the power to make my thoughts captive to Christ.

This outfit was from Sunday, and it think it's the third time I've shown this skirt-- it was one of my Mom's closet staples in the 70's.  The other ways I wore it are here in 2012 and here in 2011.  Weird to think I've been blogging that long...?

{skirt} - Mother's, vintage 70's
{lace tank} - worn underneath, Target
{floral/bird tank} - Kohl's
{necklace} - gift from Dad
{flats} - ?

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