Monday, August 5, 2013

Inspiration: A Touch of Autumn

Arriving home from my week away, I've realized a bit begrudgingly that my mind has started to drift towards Autumn. It's funny that only a few weeks ago a friend bubbled to me about Fall and how ready for it she was, and I couldn't agree. Usually Summer is a season I cling to, until the last fireflies are gone and the air chills. Even as the leaves begin to turn each year, I grasp at the neon sunsets and balmy breezes. 

But today I tried sweater tights on just to see how they felt again. Weird. 

These are some Autumnal things that have me anticipating the coming season lately:

This sweater pattern in every color.  Now if only I could knit more than just a scarf...

This girl's plum-ish locks.

Teagan White and her heart warming artwork (as usual).

The thought of a train journey with one of these.

Though I'll return to Summer for the moment, August already has me adding Fall-ish touches to what I wear and do.  I drank a hot latte this morning and wore my handmade leather booties. That reminds me of this post a couple years ago, mostly summer with a cozy autumnal touch.

Is Fall inspiring you yet?

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