Saturday, July 27, 2013

Opportunity + Openness

These pictures are from Thursday, and oh what a day!  I recently landed an awesome Design/Marketing Internship with a fair trade clothing brand I so admire, Mata Traders!  

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the office and meet everyone I get to work with in the next three months!  I don't start until August 6th, but I'm already so excited about the projects they've given me to work on!  This opportunity is one that I almost didn't apply for out of insecurity over my lack of degree (another topic I need to write more about here), but low and behold-- God really does qualify the called.

My day before and after the visit to Mata Traders was really interesting too.  I decided to adventure by way of train yesterday, and had some fascinating encounters with other people along the way.  I'm definitely an introvert, so besides the occasional "God bless you" in response to a sneeze, I tend to keep to myself in public.  Yesterday I was put in situations where I either had to talk to strangers, or for some reason just decided to.  Three Irish guys visiting the states whom I chatted with while waiting for the train, a very kind Metra employee who helped me when I missed my stop (yep), a helpful, tatted hill-billy guy who pointed me in the direction of the correct platform, and several other odd but refreshing happenings.  God is opening me up and showing me the good in people lately, something I wasn't always willing to see.

This dress is one of my absolute favorites , I love the print of roosters, snowflakes and hearts. I don't have very much purple in my closet, so this dress is something of a gem to me.

I'll be MIA for the next 8 days (I actually already am as I finish up this post) in St. Louis on a serving trip w/ a bunch of High School students. 

Have a great week!

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