Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well, hello blog. It's been awhile. These pictures are from yesterday, which was a blessed day of rest!

It feels like time has become liquid of late, my last few weeks have been jam packed and I'm just now getting used to it.  My internship with the lovely folks at Mata Traders has been a wonderful new experience, though I've realized how ignorant I was about public transit!  I'm learning that, among other things. :)

Aside from all the new adventures that brings to the table, I've been working on my shop again, enjoying the last summery weather and trying to be more active about creating. I haven't even touched a peice of leather all summer (which was part of one of my goals, argh.) and just painted for the first time in a few months. Life is passing too quickly these days.

This weekend has been very timely, and has allowed me the rest I've needed these past weeks. Hopefully this week will be a bit more normal in pace.

{house print dress} - vintage 50's, thrifted
{black lace top} - Kohl's
{cutout oxfords} - Zappos
{turquoise ring} - vintage, thrifted
{bloom necklace} - Seven Finches
{black velvet belt} - vintage 50's, thrifted

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