Thursday, July 11, 2013

Raspberry Sailboats + Henna

I'm posting this in kind of a rush because I'm headed out early tomorrow morning to serve as a small group leader at my church's summer youth camp #sandblast13.  Today has been full of last minute errands, packing and visiting with my Brother who came out to the burbs for the day. 

This skirt is a summer staple for me, but it's strangely accented in a dark raspberry-- a beautiful, but not very summery hue.  I've tried pairing all sorts of tops with it, and so far this studded raspberry one is my favorite.  With most of my traditionally girly vintage skirts and dresses, I like to add a hard, industrial element.  The studs on this top were perfect for that, especially when I added my steel necklace!

And as promised, my free hand henna piece is complete!  It consists of mermaid scales, the words "on land" and a bow and arrow aimed at my foot-- I do always shoot myself in it.  There's something really awesome about sporting your own artwork.  I at least know from this experience that if I ever do get any ink, it'll be from my own drawing and imagination.

I'll be posting a henna tattoo tutorial soon! :)

{Top} - thrifted
{Sailboat Skirt} - vintage 50's, Rue 23 Vintage
{Flats} - ? had forever
{Steel Necklace} - gift from Dad


  1. That skirt is so adorable, and I agree that it looks like it'd be a tough one to match. I'd probably just wear a plain white tank with it, but I really like what you did with the raspberry top. And the henna tattoo is so cute!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks Sammi! Yes, I've gone white before and though it works, it's a little strange (maybe since the skirt is such a pale yellow?). I appreciate you stopping by! -^_^-


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