Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stepping Stones

Maybe I'm unobservant for not realizing how beautiful these flowers near my front door would turn out to be, but woah!  It's funny that at the start of this blog, using my front door as a backdrop for outfits was a last resort.  I wanted on location and adventure-- still things I like, but how wonderful to see the seasonal progress in this humble little spot in my world.

Life has been interesting of late, full of unexpected ups and downs-- some exiting, some sad.  These pictures are from Sunday but things have just been too busy to post until now!  Lately God has been teaching me the value of building everything I do (not just myself) on His firm foundation.  One of the aforementioned recent changes is an internship I'll be starting in August with a company that I love!  It's a perfect example of something I feel strongly about giving to God.  After many years of being unsure of my future and feeling stuck, one by one God gave me a trail of stepping stones-- beginning small and seemingly random, growing larger as they went.  Some of those stones were not places I desired to be, but I trusted my God and endured until another door was opened for me.  This internship is a place I do desire to be!  It would be so easy for me to make it about myself and my own progress, and forget who led me here.  I want to be very intentional about that as I begin in a few weeks, planting my feet firmly on the Rock and being His hands and feet to those around me.  If you're interested in where the inspiration for these thoughts came from, check out Luke 6:46-49.

P.S.- This dress is shorts...right? Yep.
P.S.S - My henna tattoo is complete! I'll share it in my next post!

{Seersucker Romper/Dress} - 40's Vintage via Moxie
{Red Belt} - 50's Vintage thrifted
{Flats} - Modcloth
{Gold Lockett} - Grandmother's

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