Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Much of my day off today was spent Spring cleaning.  For me that meant mainly organizing, and cleaning out my closet and my shop stock.  My own closet was pretty straightforward, as I pack away seasonal clothing when the weather changes.  It's always fun for me to pull out clothing I haven't seen in awhile, especially in the Spring!  So I unpacked my lighter colors and shorter sleeves, and packed away my velvet and warm sweaters until Autumn-- something I don't wan't to think about quite yet. :)

Going through my stock was a little more complicated, because honestly I've somewhat neglected upkeep on my shop in the last couple of months.  I do think I'm used to my new part time job enough now, that I can resume work on my shop on my days off-- and boy, do I need to!  I found quite a few dresses that haven't yet been listed, and a pile of cashmere sweaters that need washing (and listing) among other things.  I still haven't even listed a 50's wedding dress that I steamed and Instagramed a couple weeks ago.  Hopefully this weekend I can get some photos taken, and listings written!

As I was cleaning literally today, I started thinking about ways I can clean mentally, spiritually, and emotionally too.  I've decided to make a list of things (goals?) I want to implement, do, or otherwise acheive this Spring and Summer.  Perhaps I'll share it here when I'm finished.  

Ooo, I never thought of a blog as a way to hold one'self accountable...!  Nice.

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