Thursday, May 2, 2013

False Expectations

I don't know about you but I have a very vivid imagination.  Whenever I read a book, I flesh out the characters, landscapes and scenes fully in my mind's eye.  This can be a wonderful thing, but can also trip me up in life sometimes.  

I've found that I tend to imagine my day, or specific interactions the way I want or expect to see them happen.  This can be dangerous because those false expectations set me up for dissapointment, frustration and sometmes hurt.  It's stupid really, but something I struggle with none the less.  I've been learning to stop trying to control the details, so I can fully experience what does happen and take it in stride.

I'm currently reading the daily devotional Jesus Calling, and one of the entries this week touched on this topic (so I had to share).

I'm about a week behind in this book (it's a year long one), but God has allowed each day to bless, challenge or reassure me none-the-less-- more proof that Jesus likes messy people. :)
I've had to remind myself several times this week to change my train of thought (take it captive), and just go with the flow.  I'm actually amazed at how much more peace it's given me to not consider the details before they happen, and fully give God control.

Control5-2 photo 5-2.jpg
Lyrics from Control by JJ Heller
Question: Do you struggle with planning the details of your life, or setting false expectations?  I'd love to hear other examples of this, and how you fight that tendancy to control.

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