Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi, I'm Erin.

I am an artist and a historian at heart, someday I hope to fully fill the shoes of what those words mean to me.  Presently, I work admin by day and as a vintage clothing dealer by night (it's more of a split week, than a day/night thing really).  I paint and write in the moments between and dream throughout it all.  A large part of my life is also devoted to volunteering w/ two high school ministries in my area and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I am not completely new to the blogisphere, this blog is a new, deeper extension of my old blog.  I made the move for several reasons:
  • Wishflower was about what I do and what I like.  It was not about who I am, which became a problem for me.  One I wanted to change.
  • Once I decided to make a content change, I knew a new name was needed.  One not to reflect only my shop or my interests, but to reflect my story.
  • I'm fickle.

Though I adore and am fascinated by history, art and our natural world (and will continue writing about these things), those things are not who I am.  My true love, and foundation in life is Jesus Christ.  He loves me when I don't even love me, and gives me hope in this crazy, broken world.  He taught me to love people again (including myself), and to see the sometimes messy, ugly parts of our lives as beautiful oppertunities for growth.  I've fondly realized, that may actually be why I'm so often drawn to dusty, old relecs. :) So much character and quality, but many times damaged and/or covered in dust, grime, cat fur (yeah), general uglyness.  It takes a loving, appreciative eye to find the value sometimes.  Exactly the way I believe God sees us (and has seen me) as beautiful even through all of our mess.

I hope to document that growth here, learning as I go.  All the while still sharing the other areas of life God has lit a fire in my heart for.  Amazing things ahead, I think.

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