Friday, December 30, 2016

Year's End

What a simultaneously short and long time it seems since my last post here, in April.  So much has happened, but really-- sitting in that sea of Siberian Squill outside of my old workspace, seems such a very short time ago.  

My 28th birthday has passed, the first in six years that I haven't documented with a blog post-- funny, that.  How easily I could have thrown one together back in June, but for some reason, I felt at peace with not having one.  Perhaps I was a little preoccupied with my newly opened business, Novel Nellie-- imagining what it might become.  It hasn't really lived up to those early thoughts of mine, but I know better than to admit defeat so soon.

Small business ownership is hard, especially alone.  Now, in hindsight, I'm also pretty sure that it's better to produce a product than it is to be the retailer-- at least, if you are me.  Most days I long for collaboration, for collective brainstorming, and for some equally passionate person to bounce ideas off of, and share work with.  Praying for the right business partner is definitely something that I'm doing right now.

Among other things, I believe 2017 will bring more organization for me-- I've already purchased and begun prepping a planner to start in January.  Funny how such a small thing can make loads of difference.

Life has been injected with blessings lately too, one very much in particular-- a tall, scruffy, intelligent, sincere, Jesus-loving man who values ideas (+ forests, books, old film, adventure, freedom, intensity etc.) as much as I do!  We'll call him Saturn for now, as I'd like to respect his privacy when mentioning him here-- and I surely will be, since I'm positive that he will be around for a long time to come. :)

With the strong gust of encouragement that comes with sincere love, I've been continuing to explore ways that I can dive deeper in my current vocational pursuits-- numerous as they are. I'm hoping to unpack that in a New Year's post soon, for myself, but also to help anyone that might be reading this, to sort out their own purpose and gifts.

The way God has designed the past month has left me so ready for the renewal of the changing year-- a new year, a new season.  I'm very excited to host some close lady friends on New Years Eve for good food, good conversation and dreaming about the coming year.  As 2016 comes to a close, all I can feel is deep thankfulness: for the blessings that have been dropped into my open hands, and for the trials that forced my hands open in the first place.

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