Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Buds + Blessings

The past few weeks have been quite a blur pet/house sitting, working and brainstorming remotely with the usual sprinkle of self discovery-- because it's never done, I suppose.  

In just a couple of short weeks I am making a big, funny, cool, ludicrous change: I'm opening a retail space.  Saying that is getting easier, but still feels crazy and impossible, yet God dropped the means squarely into my lap.  Not only will my little boutique offer hand-curated vintage clothing, but over time I'll be offering handmade, fair trade and US made vintage inspired (and otherwise awesome) clothing and accessories as well! 

I'm realizing that these types of random opportunities, simply ought not be questioned. :) So with the newly budding spring, I'm quite prepared to let things happen and see where they go.  So so many things are on the horizon, and while I'm not sure how this little boutique of mine fits in with any of them, I have peace.  Today is only that, and tomorrow will worry about its self.

{dress} - ModCloth
{tights} - Target
{sweater} - Urban Outfitters
{jacket} - gift, Michael Kors
{boots} - Mel via ModCloth
{scarf} - ?

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