Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Upon A Stage

Though I've meant to, I've not circled back to share some of my fall and early winter adventures in performing arts. Namely, taking a scary (but rewarding) leap and getting the opportunity to play a lead role in a musical theatre production of "White Christmas" (yeah, you know that Bing Crosby film?)!  Um, not to mention that it included the chance to perform on the stage of a Victorian opera house-- more than a bonus in my opinion. ;)

Now here's the thing, though I grew up on the stage (mostly in competitive dance), I've not been on one in...maybe five or six years?  Even then, never in a lead or solo role, so this was quite an experience.  Most of my life, I've tended to hang in the back row, out of sight, under the radar.  I think I just never wanted to be like those people who hang on approval, and demand attention.  This was my first experience of really raising my hand, and volunteering myself for a lead part.  And shock of the year, I got it.

There's too much to say about the general experience I had (both pros and cons), but overall I am so glad that I put myself out there!  I've found that, while the audition process is scary for me, the stage is not-- that's the fun part!  Weirdly, I even took a lot away from the character I played: Judy Haynes, an exuberant blonde extrovert.  I've long rolled my eyes at women like that, and surprised myself by really enjoying the openness and fun of the role-- something I've since carried a piece of, with me.

I long to get back on a stage already, but perhaps in something a bit more creative. Song and dance are definitely my thing, but the cheese of musical theatre these days, honestly puts me off. It seems to me that the demeanor of performance, decades ago was different than it is today-- I'm thinking vaudeville, the 30's and 40's and performers like Fred Astaire, Anne Miller, Betty Garrett, Jane Powell, Gene Kelly, Howard Keel...those guys. They had their share of funny character numbers, but when they played real people, there wasn't the artificial drama that seems injected into (some) musical theatre today.  

So my idea wheels are turning as usual.  I guess I'm just that person that has to create something new, for better or worse (and both apply). But as always, I need others to believe in my direction/ideation enough to want to participate, and demonstrating those things seems often near impossible. Working on that too. ;)

Note on hair color: if you are confused by my sudden hair color change in these photos, you aren't alone! The photos with my natural hair color are of our last dress rehearsal, which was the same night that I decided to go blonde. Yeah. I was supposed to wear a blonde wig, but (trust me) it was not good. So, to do Judy justice, I was like what the heck. Haha, and that's the story on how I became blonde for as short a time as I possibly could. :D

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