Saturday, October 31, 2015

Standing Still

This Autumn feels different than the two or three before it, and I think I've realized it comes down to walking-- or really, lack there of.  

The last several Fall seasons of my life have come complete with new endeavors that, at some point, required a section of walking in my weekly commute-- including living a short 5 minute walk to the train for two years.  I didn't realize until the last couple of weeks, how much I dearly miss that little part of my morning and evening-- being out and about, seeing the leaves change week by week, passing people, exposed to chance encounters and happenstance.  Driving from home to my work studio each day has felt like being locked in a glass box, away from life.  Perhaps I'm melodramatic-- I probably am, but that little slice of time spent moving my feet from place to place, brought with it gratitude, a clear mind, and wonder about the world and faces around me.  I feel the lack of that this year, and have a marked memory of the wistful creativity that flowed freely from it.

I'm not quite sure how, but I may have to jimmy-rig a way to walk somewhere a couple of times during my week-- perhaps to meet a friend for coffee at a spot a couple blocks from my studio, or to the grocery around the corner?  It's amazing how such a small detail can affect the entire feel of one's life.

D e t a i l s
{dress} - vintage early 50's, via Sunday Girl Finds
{t-shirt} - thrifted
{oxfords} - Julianne Hough via Sole Society
{locket} - handmade, gift

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