Monday, January 5, 2015

Here, There and Ahead

Since it's been few and far between (much more accurate than "a long time"), an update here is badly needed.  So badly really, that I've struggled to put so much in one post.  Let's start with the present.  I just returned on Saturday afternoon from here:

Where I did plenty of this:

This with a dear friend, who made the long drive to Florida with me.

This trip continued in my head the theme that's been apparent in the past few months: ideas coming to fruition, action, realization.  I so struggle on a regular basis to keep all of my musings compartmentalized enough to see them through-- but I'm learning to just leap.

Lately I have found (more) order, and somehow have been able to occasionally get out of my own way. As a result, my creativity has flown in places-- define that word as you will, it's equally true either way.

Life has been awesome (literally causing of awe) in both both my highs and lows of late.  The feeling and gist of Philippians 4:12 has echoed in my heart repeatedly, with a deep sense of joy.  It's like an inside joke that I realize most people don't get: all is well, whatever happens-- I actually dwell secure in the hands of my maker, and that causes real freedom.

Among other things, in the next month or so I'll be opening a second Etsy shop for some of my artwork-- I'm not certain how much I'll represent my personal work there, but will have a few kinds of customizable paper goods available for purchase (portraits for couples and families, personalized invitations, etc.).  This is step one of...8 million, really.  I actually have a spreadsheet at this point for each area I feel vocationally called to, and action steps to begin moving in those directions (*pat on the back*).

Oh! That reminds me, update on shoemaking: my lovely shoemaker and friend Molly has decided that she just has too much work at the moment to effectively teach, and so my apprenticeship will come to an end with the completion of the pair of shoes I'm currently working on.  I am sad, but so glad for the learning opportunity while it lasted!  And seriously, with the spreadsheet I just mentioned, it's almost a relief to temporarily have the door closed on one column (there are 6)!

I think that's enough of an update for now. :) I hope your 2015 is looking bright!

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  1. ooh, another etsy shop! i've been debating opening one myself as well as looking into Society6. have you heard of it? it's supposed to be very good for selling art/photo prints.
    happy 2015 :)


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