Thursday, July 17, 2014

Loosing Arrows

While some have been sensational enough to call our recent cooler temperatures the summer side of Snowmaggedon, I shrug and take the opportunity to sport cashmere-- seriously people, it's going to be 80 degrees again by the weekend.

This week has (so far) been full of small joys, things that will fade too quickly if I let them.  A sunny day walking around a new (to me) town with a friend.  Being given a free drink by a barista at my favorite coffee shop, for the second time and apparently just because.  Finding a 40's gown yesterday that is one of my favorite discoveries yet.  Beautiful sunsets, both captured and not.  It's little joys like these that remind me that God not only sees me and values me, but he delights greatly in me-- and I badly need that reminder this morning.

I'm headed out tomorrow morning to serve as a smallgroup leader at my church's summer youth camp, #Sandblast14.  A sea of 1,700 high school students, a handful of which I have the opportunity to walk alongside.  Right before events like these, Satan usually makes it his business to go for my jugular.  To throw me off or cause self doubt in my heart, to distract me from the words of my Father in a time when I'll need to share them with others.  Misunderstandings with friends that come out of left field, logistical issues, busy schedules and general confusion.  When this happens, I am so thankful for those little joyful moments that God put in my path.  Reminders for a rainy day (like today) when I need to remember that my Father sees me, prepares for me and never leaves my side.  They are arrows of truth designed to puncture lies and distraction.

Today I'm loosing arrows.

{sweater} - vintage 60's, thrifted
{skirt} - vintage 70's from a closed Etsy shop
{shoes} - vintage 60's, thrifted
{necklace} - fair trade by Mata Traders
{bracelet} - gift

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