Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Provision and A Loveseat

I've had a pretty simple, but lovely day. :)

I've been on the hunt for a tiny, affordable loveseat or couch for about a month to put in my office/sitting room.  Finding the right one was really an act of God because the door frames are all 29" inches in my apartment, not to mention a narrow staircase and my overly specific taste. Finding one was essential, though, as there's no designated living room in my apartment.

Weeks ago I scoured all of the local furniture resale spots to no avail, mostly due to size.  My Mom tried to convince me to settle for chairs, but I took to Craigslist instead-- and boy am I happy I did!

Does that mean I found my loveseat?  "Settee" really, but yes! 

It's absolutely perfect, came at a completely reasonable price, and fit through the narrow doorway!  Not only that, but the lady I purchased it from re-upholsters vintage furniture-- seeing her work was amazing, and makes me want to learn!  I know, I know, one thing at a time. :)

My Mom came along with me for the hour drive to get the loveseat, we both thoroughly enjoy driving through open country and the springy weather today made it even better!  Afterwards we stopped at a little Thai restaurant and shared a meal.  These events took up all of two hours, but what a blessing to my heart!

This loveseat is a tiny thing, but seeing and sitting on it will always be another reminder that my heavenly Father loves and provides for me in specific, unique ways.


  1. my mom learned reupholstering a while back and has since then bought a few really old (and super cheap) chairs. unfortunately, she hasn't quite gotten to some of the yet, but i just love the whole idea of having the bones of a piece of wonderful old furniture but making it more serviceable for every day.
    So glad you found something suitable for your needs and taste. I'm sure that's really a blessing.

    1. Hey there! That's awesome that your Mom know how to upholster, her procrastination reminds me of how I am with creative endeavors sometimes too! :) I'm sure she'll get to them eventually.

  2. That is a gorgeous loveseat! I would love to have more vintage furniture in our home. My husband and I have completely different tastes but I am slowly trying to convert him haha. I love the details on this beauty!

    1. Thanks Katie! I've actually often wondered about that issue when I've thought about being married someday, I hope you guys find an eclectic balance. :)

  3. Hello again,
    i was wondering if you've ever recieved the Liebster Blog award.
    I've nominated you, but if you have already gotten it or do not wish to participate, thats perfectly ok!

    1. Hey Abigail, I haven't (and I'm not sure I even know what it is). Thanks though, I'll have to read up on it! :)


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