Monday, April 14, 2014

Dying Town

My hometown is well and truly dying.  I don't live in the town any longer, but close enough to still walk its sidewalks from time to time and remind myself of its sad state.  Once a busy little historic village, Long Grove now stands in stillness most days-- maybe a person here or there.  Its trademark Strawberry and Apple festivals still happen each year at their appointed times, but seem only like raucous bandages to me.  They cover over the true and bleeding state of my little town, beautiful, but growing more vacant by the day.

Growing up, my Dad sat on the village board and many times I've thought about going to listen and participate-- to understand the issues, and lend a younger mind.  I even have a somewhat fanciful, crack-brained scheme about opening a vintage shop there-- crazy, because the town has proven to be a business killer.  I just feel in my bones that all it needs is a couple new, successful shops to create a healthy business culture there.  Small business, handmade and vintage are on the rise and Long Grove seems the perfect place to foster that.

Only time will tell, but my heart does hope.

{tee} - J.Crew
{tank} - Kohls
{skirt} - vintage 1940's, thrifted
{shoes} - Call It Spring, via Zappos
{necklace} - handmade by My Selveged Life, gift

If you follow me on Instagram, this is the skirt I attached that adorable vintage Scottish terrier button to a few weeks ago! :)


  1. ah, yes. i understand this. my current hometown is small with a population under 2000, but does very well because of nearby businesses and a very well populated rural area. but what i really love is my dad's hometown in southwest Kansas. At 800 people its rundown and small, but i've thought about someday moving there and opening an old drugstore/soda fountain. kinda crazy, but i thought it sort of related to this.
    i find it really sad that so many wonderful places are withering away to a shell of it's former self.

    1. That's the crazy thing though, my town isn't really rural and has a population of over 8,000. It's a historic German settlement and the village part of that has been maintained and used as shops. The area around is actually pretty populated suburbia, which may be part of the reason for it's decline. :/

  2. Aw, small towns. I grew up in a mid-sized town with many small towns surrounding it, so I completely understand seeing a place that you grew up in and love dwindle down to nothing. I would love to open up a shop as well, but unfortunately it takes money and a great leap of faith to accomplish such a feat!

    On another note, you look absolutely lovely! I adore those gorgeous shoes.

    1. Thanks Katie! Yes, opening up shop is a totally a leap. Avoiding the financial aspect of that is the part of my plan that's at least a little improbable-- only time will tell though! :)

  3. I've been reading your blog but haven't made a comment yet. I thought now would be a good time as I totally used to work in Long Grove! My sister in law opened a place called Dandy Things which is now no longer. I'm bummed that Long Grove isn't as busy as it used to be. Even when I worked there, some days just felt completely dead. I haven't been there since 2011, seems like a lot of shops have changed out..

    1. Hey Ashley, I remember Dandy Things! I remember when it first went in and how happy I was to see a handmade presence in the town. I didn't realize it closed but (as a reflection on the state of things) I'm not surprised. :( Many of the staple, iconic Long Grove shops have even closed at this point (though some re-open only during festivals). Thanks for chiming it, I hope you will again! :)


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