Monday, April 28, 2014

Natural Is Possible: Bath/Shower

It may have taken me a while, but I did not forget!  This is my second post of a series on the natural bath and personal care products I use and why I use them.  The first post with introduction is here if you need to catch up! Today I thought I'd focus on all things shower/bath related, as aforementioned in my last post I buy and use way less products since going natural.  Before the switch I had a shower full of bottles (as do most females I know), this means multiple kinds of body wash, shampoo, etc.  This is one of the main reasons I laugh when people say switching to natural products is "too expensive", quality over quantity friends.

Before we get into specific products, the most important thing about choosing yours is knowing your ingredients.  The book I mentioned in my first post is a great resource of what to avoid, as is this ingredient database where you can search products and ingredients.

Since getting rid of the bottle horde in my shower (neuro-toxic, carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals with them) I've found this one product to be a gem:

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap.  I use it as shampoo, body wash, hand soap and even for household cleaning, dishes, laundering etc. (which I will get to in another post ^_^).  I know, I know-- when I say that, women usually respond in kind with confusion and doubt.  I've even received something verging on disgust that I would dare use the same product on my hair as on my skin! *gasp*  Really, some people have been so influenced by our culture and the beauty industry that they literally cannot even wrap their minds around this concept.  Anyway, this soap lathers like a dream, smells wonderful (comes in many different natural scents, I usually go lavender or peppermint) and does a squeaky clean job of things.  What more could you want?

Besides that, the only other things I use in the shower are a razor, a loofah and an occasional bar of shaving soap (this one was awesome).  I have used natural conditioners in the past, but have found that I don't really need it-- if my ends are dry I just apply some coconut oil. :)

Now don't get me wrong, my all-in-one approach is not the only way to go natural in your shower.  There are plenty of shampoo + conditioner combos, body washes, scrubs, shaving creams, bubble-baths, and whatever products your heart might desire, available in natural form.  If you are on any sort of budget though, or are a no fuss kind of gal, less might be more.  It's definitely taken me a lot of window shopping and trying different products before I decided what worked best for me.  

Etsy is a wonderful place (among others) to find handmade, natural bath and personal care products, but like anywhere else, read the ingredients before purchasing!

Have questions?  Fire away below in the comments! :)

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