Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busy Waiting

Do you ever feel like there are a million things happening at once, and at the same time the opposite?  That's my life of late.  I've actually had a good deal of work to occupy my time, both commissioned and personal.  I've been designing the header and logo for another blog, a wedding invitation, and I completed a (relatively simple) leather project that's totally opened my eyes to the possibilities there!  Now I just need to get the sewing machine in my apartment working! I've been pushing my comfort with my recent art work (I seem to do the best work on the fly, and with complete abandon)-- pictured above is just a tiny corner of a mixed media piece I've been experimenting with.  The gist is something like laying on your back and deciding what clouds look like. :)

This skirt has become my favorite and I've worn it a lot lately in case it's too heavy to wear in the summer months.  I love the way it looks with all warm hues, I did a post pairing it with lavender a bit ago and I love it equally with blush.

Back to my busy waiting.


{cashmere sweater} - vintage 50's, thifted
{skirt} - Rock Steady, via Modcloth
{tights} - via ModCloth
{oxfords} - Call It Spring, via Zappos
{necklace} - vintage 40's, thrifted


  1. "work best when on the fly and without abandon" I love that. It is so, so true for me right now, the same as being busy waiting.
    What an adorable little doggy you have. I just had to smile at that :)


    1. Thanks Abigail, I've found that I do need a little structure to go along with all that abandon-- but just a touch. :) Haha, he's a character!

  2. This outfit is so lovely! The color palette here is so beautiful and feminine, and the shoes are my favorite part. Sounds like you're busy, busy! Good luck with your sewing machine! :)

    1. Hey Katie, thank you! I'm taking my machine into a friend's vintage machine guy tomorrow and will post about how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  3. Aww! Your chihuahua is too cute! I too have a little chi! You look very pretty by the way! I blog over at and thought I'd stop in say hello!

  4. Hey Merry! Thanks, he's a riot! I appreciate you stopping by. :)


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