Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sumac + Understanding


The recent snow has put a bit of Holiday Spirit in my step, but leading up to Thanksgiving I'm not as excited as I would hope to be.  I love my family but often feel that they don't understand me, or even desire to.  I want to be myself around them, but I've learned over time that many of my personality traits are not desirable in my family culture.  That's painful, but I am trying to keep perspective.  I often feel left out, dismissed, written off, or inconsequential.  That doesn't mean those things are true.

Today I will try to approach my family with a clear head, allow the Holy Spirit to guide my steps, show me what is true, and how I can understand them.  I know someone (?) wise said that to be understood, we must first seek to understand.

Today will be a day of prayer and seeking to understand.

{dress} - Modcloth
{shirt} - T.J. Maxx
{tights} - Target
{boots} - Fiorentini & Baker
{mittens} - ?
{necklace} - Mata Traders

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