Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rust + Mint

My recent season of newness, color and growth is about to transition yet again.  It's a good thing I'm comfortable with change!

Specifically, my internship with the wonderful people at Mata Traders is about to come to an end-- so bittersweet, that.  In the three short months that I've been there, I have seen and learned so many new things, and proven my own capability (to myself) in more than one area. It's also been so cool getting to know the individuals whom I've worked alongside, the entire team at Mata is comprised of kind-hearted, fun and genuine people.

I'm also moving in...less than a week! It's not very far away, but I'm so excited because the apartment is in a tiny green Victorian house, very close to friends, the train and one of my favorite coffee shops.  Cheers to that!

{dress} - Mata Traders
{rust sweater} - Obey
{mint coat} - J.Crew
{knit tights} - Target
{boots} - Steve Madden
{necklace} -  Seven Finches

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