Friday, May 15, 2015

Thrifted {one}

After some conversations I've had recently, I have realized that most people are mystified by (or totally unaware of) the concept of thrifting clothing for real, actual use in their wardrobes.  I think I wear at least one thrifted or vintage (probably both) item every day, and so have set out to increase awareness by posting here about it!  Why spend more money on cheaply made things, when you can get great quality (or crappy, if you choose) for way less, and recycle in the process? There is just no good reason.

I actually made a Goodwill visit last week and found way too much great stuff, so I'll be posting as I incorporate these new things into my closet.  Today's feature is a sweater of my favorite hue, stormy sea green-- does anyone else think of the description from The Princess Bride, of Wesley's eyes? "Like the sea after a storm...".  Sigh.

This sweater was one I couldn't pass up.  Not only is it beautiful, soft and has a great little neck detail, but it's Banana Republic. For $8.

sweater - Goodwill ($8)
skirt - vintage 50's, estate sale
flats - ? I've had them forever...
watch - vintage, inherited
necklace - handmade via Seven Finches
jacket - Michael Kors, gift


  1. Beautiful! Your way of loving Jesus and finding thrifty clothing in a prudent way (like Proverbs 31:16-18, 24-27 encourages) is wonderful. Praying for a renewed, refreshed, intimate, blessed walk with Christ. Keep up the good work! know you are very valued and special to our Savior! May you draw near to Christ and be blessed by His Love tonight and in the seasons ahead. He's so good to all of us. :)
    Your Sister in Christ,

    1. Hey AnnaLee,
      Sorry this is delayed, but thanks so much stopping by and also for your encouraging words! He is SO good, isn't he? In both dark and light seasons, his purposes and movements always amaze and humble me-- even through things like your comment here. :) Thanks again!


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