Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sketchbook - 3

I had to search back an embarrassing number of posts to find my last artwork update-- I've apparently only done it twice! Quite the grounds for some catch up.

When I was a student in Mrs. Lorenz's quite bohemian 7th grade Language Arts class, I was accused for the first time of having a future in creating. A handful of classmates, one by one would comment on a note (you know, the passing kind) or birthday card I had made someone, and exclaim something like, "you are going to make wedding invitations one day!" 

Nothing could have infuriated me more. 

All I could associate with that vocation at the time, was sitting at a desk, and being behind the scenes when all I wanted was to be on the stage. As ridiculous as that sounds now (clearly a person can do both) I was determined to not make paper goods one day-- despite my twelve year old self's forty five different hued Gelly Roll pens, paper collection and penchant for lettering. Ha.

But here I am, finally about to do just that-- or to at least begin something my middle school peers would probably pull a "told ya so" over: Of Dust and Wonder Studio.

Because it's been awhile, we really need to go back a ways. I think my drawing re-boot started with my SIL's baby shower tea, which I designed these invites for (personal info has been removed).

Then, in a flurry came some fliers for a volunteer event, and printable table cards for a friend's housewarming.  After that, I kind of just got back into a rhythm, and started making cards for friend's birthdays, doing design work for a couple friend's blogs, portraits and stationary.

Since, I've designed some simple stationary that's already for sale in my Etsy shop, and have begun creating samples for custom, lighthearted portraits.

I've still got quite a ways to go (I'm bubbling over with ideas), but I'm hopeful that I'm finally put those middle school drawing/lettering skills of mine to use. ;)

Until the next Sketchbook post, which hopefully is soon!

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  1. ah, may you continue to be 'bubbling over with ideas'. isn't it wonderful to find that creative flow again? (and such lovely work, by the way)


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