Monday, September 15, 2014

Starved Rock

Man, what a better way to close the summer and really kick off fall, than to hike around the woods in crisp yet sunny 65 degree weather?  That's what I did on Saturday and oh, was it worth the two hour drive to Starved Rock!  I've been wanting to go back since childhood, and after Marlen's post about the place earlier this summer, I knew I had to bite the bullet.  Thanks to my friend Sarah for making the trek with me!  I already want to go back. :)

I have officially been drinking hot beverages with the chilly weather we've had, but can honestly say that my fingers are still crossed for a little more warmth before true autumn hits.

A girl can dream, right?


  1. oh my goodness! how beautiful! i just love all those trees, and there's so many varieties... something we don't really have in my part of Kansas. love that second picture. the leaves are just starting to turn and there's that distant white bridge. this looks like so much fun. it was very cool last week, but now it's hot again, but you look so cute in your cozy hiking outfit.

    1. Thanks and yes, the place is gorgeous! The trees are awesome, but there are also waterfalls that I didn't get to see this time, but will definitely make a point of searching out in the future. It's funny because most people wouldn't expect Illinois to have such natural features. I bet there are some great hiking spots in Kansas too. :)


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